Uganda Sickle cell Rescue Foundation (USCRF) and CTI Africa, a social enterprise have invested 50M ugx to enroll the first batch of Sickle Cell warriors onto the Lifehealth Network. Fifty families will be given 50 Lifehealth mobile phones loaded with CTI Life health network applications that will in turn improve access to medical doctors, treatment and the general wellbeing of individuals affected by sickle cell disease.

In Uganda, 20,000 babies are born each year with the genetic defect and 20 percent of the Ugandan population have the genetic trait of sickle cell disease. People with sickle cell disease often suffer from many complications, such as anaemia, life-threatening bacterial infections, severe physical pain, strokes and general organ failure. Symptoms vary from person to person.

According to Dr. Grace Kaisa, the Director CTI Health, these smart phones will promote sickle cell awareness, testing, and provide telemedicine services through the lifehealth CTC application. Sickle cell disease is a genetic disease that affects the red blood cells. Due to their sickle cell-like formation, the red blood cells cannot efficiently a transport oxygen into the somatic cells,

Dr. Grace added that, “ Lifehealth Network has a digital healthcare eco system that leverages on telemedicine, artificial intelligence and team of mobile team of medical professionals to deliver an affordable suit of primary health care products.’

She mentioned that the CTI Africa is honored to join USCRF to improve healthcare access, welfare improvement, disease management and affordability for sickle cell patients in Uganda.

“Together with CTI Africa, we want to use these funds to create a registry for all sickle cell warriors. This will help us give specialized health care, promote awareness and testing, and provide telemedicine services using LifeHealth CTC by availing 10,000 smart phones.” – ED, Uganda Sickle Cell Rescue Foundation.

About Uganda Sickle Cell Rescue Foundation.

In July 2013, Uganda Sickle Cell Rescue Foundation (USCRF) was established as a not- for profit Organization with the purpose of having communities aware of sickle cell disease and its social connotations; improving the economic empowerment of people living and affected by sickle cell disease and minimizing stigmatization in Uganda.

The Uganda Sickle Cell Rescue Foundation is an effort of Dr. Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige of BMK Group and Major Lukiah Mulumba of USA Air force.