Eradicating Sickle Cell Disease in NewBorns Through Mass Screening, Status Registry and Trait-Free Matchmaking

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Eradicate Sickle Cell Disease by 2030

Our idea of a systematic reduction and eventual elimination of the conception of offspring that present with SCD is premised on our vision of a Sickle-Cell-free society, which will forever escape the painful living reality that sickle cell warriors battle with daily and the millions of dollars spent on care and treatment.

Our approach is both practical and achievable if we all come together as governments, religious organizations, civil society bodies, and the general public, through a public-private-partnership model.

Mass Screening Through

Rapid Health-Worker-assisted screening

We are raising funds to purchase sickle cell testing kits for couples in Buikwe. These kits will allow couples to learn their sickle cell status and make informed decisions about their family planning.

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Compatibility Checking For Intending Couples

The registry is embedded with a Matchmaking algorithm that calculates and determines conjugal compatibility (or incompatibility) based on any two client profiles (male vs female) already existing in the registry.

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The Sickle Cell Registry

The Life Registry is a centralized pool of client profiles who have undergone a sickle cell test with known results.

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Sickle Cell Corporate Partnership

We are seeking a corporate partnership to help us provide sickle cell testing kits to couples in Buikwe.

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Community Initiative Buikwe

10 Testing kits for 10 couples

With your help, we can donate 10 sickle cell kits to save 10 couples of families. Your donation will make a real difference in our iniative to eradicate sickle cell in new borns by 2030.

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Did you Know ?

Sickle cell is a disorder of the haemoglobin in the red blood cells.

The Sickle Cell Trait

You are born with sickle cell trait. It is inherited when only...

What to do next ?

If you want to know your sickle cell status you can ask your GP for a blood test.

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